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Law Enforcement Assistance Network

c/o Sergeant Don Shumate

Escondido Police Dept.
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L.E.A.N. is a committee made up of representatives from various city, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.  The committee addresses inter-agency and mutual aid communications issues, making protocol recommendations to the San Diego County Police Chief and Sheriff's Association.

Law enforcement agencies in San Diego County are increasingly dealing with incidents that cross jurisdictions and require a multi-agency response.  The region wide nature of these events mandates that all agencies have the ability to communicate by radio and coordinate their efforts quickly and clearly.  These events include:

bulletBe On The Lookout Broadcasts 
(stolen vehicles, wanted/missing persons, etc.)
bulletVehicle pursuits
bulletFires and other natural disasters
bulletDaily mutual aid requests
San Diego County Law Enforcement Assistance Network

Working to improve communications between public safety agencies in San Diego County

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Success Stories
Law enforcement agencies in San Diego County work together daily to apprehend criminals and keep the peace.  They are able to accomplish this using common communication protocols.  Below is an example:


Deputies from the San Diego County Sheriff's Department began pursing a stolen vehicle in the Poway area which quickly entered the City of San Diego.  The Sheriff's Dispatcher initiated patches with the regional command talkgroup (LE N CMD) and a resource linking the San Diego/Imperial County Regional Communications System to the San Diego City Radio System (RCS/SDP1).  With the radio patch in place, and by using the L.E.A.N. communications protocols, units from the Sheriff's and San Diego Police Departments were able to communicate directly, thus allowing for better coordination during the vehicle pursuit.


The California Highway Patrol was following a stolen vehicle in the North County area and patched the regional command talkgroup for that area (LE N CMD) to allow allied agencies to monitor the direction and activities of the incident. Escondido Police Department units heard the broadcast and when assistance was needed, switched from their primary talkgroup to LE N CMD.  Being able to communicate directly and by using the L.E.A.N. communications protocols, Escondido Police units were able to assist the Highway Patrol officers with affecting the traffic stop on the stolen vehicle.


A Carlsbad Police Department officer on their way to court came across an occupied stolen vehicle in the city of Oceanside. A patch was put into place to allow the Carlsbad officer to coordinate with the responding Oceanside Police officers. Due to this coordination, the Oceanside P.D. officers quickly located the vehicle and initiated a  felony vehicle stop, resulting in the vehicle being recovered.




Have a mutual aid communications success story?  Let us know about it!
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LEAN Mission Statement

Our mission is to identify and improve communications protocols for all Public Safety Agencies.

This is achieved through a cooperative effort of the members of L.E.A.N. and Public Safety Agencies.  We believe we have the most innovative and effective communications in the State of California.  Our goal is to provide the community with the highest level of service and safety.

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